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Raymond Mill

Raymond mill has a long history, experienced new structural optimization and product upgrades, can better meet the needs of users, has a very good prospects for development and investment income.

Raymond Mill History

In 1906 C.V.Grueber Von Grueber create Curt machinery factory in the southern suburbs of Berlin in the United States, using his patented produce the first Maxecon mill, and for BEWAG in Berlin MOABIT power plant as a coal grinding equipment, grinding energy is 5T/H, within a few years, sales of nearly 600 units, are used in the grinding area of different industries;

1925 E.C.Loesche summarizes characteristic and structure defects of the first generation Raymond mill, decided to further improvement of Raymond mill structure, developed a grinding principle the mill, called improved Raymond Mill;

Raymond Mill Optimization and Upgrading

  • Raymond mill structure has undergone many times of optimization and upgrading, the use of vertical structure, reducing the footprint, more compact and reasonable. In the optimization of the structure, its performance has also been fully upgraded, from raw materials rough processing to transportation, to flour milling, and the final packaging, can be made into an independent production system.
  • Raymond mill Structure Optimization
  • In order to improve the automation level of production line and reduce the cost of labor input, the centralized control method is adopted in the electric system of the electric mill, and the unmanned workshop can be basically realized. Its screening rate is as high as 99%, and the discharge granularity is between 1.6-0.045 mm, which meets the high end powder application market well.
  • The separating effect is good, the fine powder can be collected effectively, and repeated rolling can be avoided, thus causing waste.
  • The equipment adopts airtight structure, with little dust pollution and little noise. It conforms to the national environmental protection standard and provides a clean working environment for the users.

Raymond Mill Developing Trend

Raymond mill for economic and social development

In today's society, while seeking the win-win situation of economic and social development and ecological environment protection, low-carbon environmental protection has become the theme of development in all walks of life, and the milling industry is no exception. Raymond Mill toward large-scale, intelligent, green environmental protection direction, is the future development trend of the industry.

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