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Sand Making Machine

Natural sand mining costs are getting higher and higher. After years of continuous exploitation, natural sand resources are rapidly decreasing. In order to maintain the natural landscape and protect the ecological balance, it is strictly prohibited to mine. The cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher, and its profits are getting lower and lower. The machine-made sand is uniform in quality and reliable in quality, and has better grain shape and reasonable gradation.

Machine-made Sand VS Natural Sand

Machine-made Sand VS Natural Sand

Raw materials: stone, gravel, also can use mine tailings, waste utilization.

Texture: material uniformity and stability, mineral composition and chemical composition is consistent with raw materials, no natural sand that complex.

Fineness modulus: a kind of artificial sand washing, a fineness modulus, only corresponds to a gradation.

Sustainability: through artificial crushing of sand, sustainable production

Raw Material: rock particles after rock drying.

Texture: natural sand has a sleek appearance, because of natural sand raw materials, rock species, forming complex reasons, but also contains some unstable chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Fineness modulus: a modulus of fineness that can be graded.

Sustainability: None


Sand Making Machine Has Become the Core Equipment in Machine-made Sand Industry

Gradually replacing the market, machine-made sand has become one of the best sources of building materials. At present, a lot of concrete and mortar enterprises begin to use machine-made sand instead of natural sand in production, and obtain better economic benefits. Want to invest in machine-made sand, recommend our machine-made sand products to you--VSI series sand making machine, VSI5x series sand making machine, VSI6x series sand making machine.

Sand Making Machine Main Advantages

Sand Making Machine

After the optimized design, the material throughput of the deep cavity rotor is increased by 30%

The service life of the lining board, hammer head and other wearing parts is 48% higher than that of the traditional sand making machine

The core components are manufactured by the most advanced international technologies such as the United States and Sweden

Dual purpose powder tray, two feeding methods

High protection grade motor, high efficiency, low noise

The main shaft adopts special sealing structure to ensure no oil seal and oil leakage


Sand Making Machine Process

Vibrating feeder--primary crusher--belt conveyor--sand making machine--vibrating screen--sand washing machine

Sand Making Machine Process

Stone by vibrating feeder evenly sent to the coarse crusher crushed, after by belt conveyor feed into the sand making machine for further crushing, and the materials after crushing are sent to the vibrating screen to be screened.

The material that reaches the granularity of the finished product is sent into the sand washing machine to be cleaned. After cleaning, the product is finished by the conveyer belt, and the material that has not reached the granularity of the finished product has been returned from the vibrating screen.

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